Adur Off-Road Model Car Club Open Practice Days

We have a series of dates for drivers to come along and test setups, socialise and maybe even settle rivalries over the summer. And for this season we are adding an open afternoon for new drivers or inquisitive types to come and have a look, have a go (we DO have club cars) and ask questions about getting started in off-road racing whether 1/10th or 1/8th scale.

Please note anyone taking part in driving or marshalling on our track must be a BRCA member for insurance purposes. If you are new to us, your first 3 visits include FREE BRCA membership so you will be covered.



    For both members and non-members, it is £5 for the day. This gets you access to the track, regular practice times with our timing system running in practice mode AND the option to create your own mini race. You can also book for all 6 dates for £15 saving 50%!

    For the open afternoon, attending the first time is FREE, so you can come along, watch the morning if you wish, and then have a go round our track. We have club cars available first come first served, which are 1/10th short course trucks, so you can see what it is like to stand on the rostrum and race round our dedicated track.



    This is how our days will be set out. For the morning session, this is ideal for those who race or want to race at our track and want to play with set up.

    • The gates open from 8:00am
    • The track will open at 8:30am
    • On the 0:30 of the hour the track is exclusive to 1/8th
    • On the 0:00 of the hour the track is exclusive to 1/10th
    08:30 - 1/8th Class (to allow for noise restrictions for nitro)
    09:00 - 1/10th Class
    09:30 - 1/8th Class
    10:00 - 1/10th Class
    10:30 - 1/8th Class
    11:00 - 1/10th Class
    11:30 - 1/8th Class
    12:00 - 1/10th Class
    12:30 - 1/8th Class
    13:00 - 1/10th Class
    13:30 - 1/8th Class

    From 14:00 we are inviting rookies and new visitors to try our track an ask questions. Please be tolerant of those on the track for the first time.

    14:00 - 1/10th Class
    14:30 - 1/8th Class
    15:00 - 1/10th Class
    15:30 - 1/8th Class
    16:00 - 1/10th Class

    This means that each scale has 30 minutes access to the track, and then there will be 30 minutes to make setup adjustments, refuel batteries engines and yourselves, and keep an eye on the track and help marshal if you see someone in distress. 


    We looked at putting marshals in, but with wanting to allow safe shared access to scales, it is not practical to marshal for 30 minutes. SO, we will have a rule in place, so that if your car does need assistance, shout “MARSHAL” clearly, and we will rely on those not on the track to volunteer to step up and go and release the stranded car. It is not a perfect solution but let’s try it and see how it goes. Of course, if anyone wants to marshal for a stint, they are welcome to do so!


    We will be able to switch between the full track and shorter 1/10th short track as per attendees wishes, so we will see what people want on the day and how often, and set the track accordingly - it only takes a minute to switch the layout. There will be plenty of opportunities to try both if you so wish.


    If you wish to have a mini race with your friends or rivals during any of the allocated slot time, please let the event director know. We will then set up the rc-timing system, so that as long as you have a transponder, we can set up a proper “race” with timings and results. These will be held for a maximum of 5 minutes for the last 5 minutes of each scale session. So let us know as soon as possible if you wish to do this as it will be first come first served, and we will need to let everyone know accordingly. We will also try to round up marshals if possible and assist ourselves.


    From 2pm the track is also available to those who want to come and try our track for the first time or try off road model car driving on a dedicated track. There will be drivers and committee members on site to offer advice and support on getting into our sport, and the track will be available from 2pm to 5pm for you to come and try. You can bring any car if it is 1/10th or 1/8th scale, nothing larger please, and if running a Li-Po battery it is hard case. We also have our club car available to try if you have no car yet on a first come first served basis if it is fit to drive.



    There will be a snacks and drinks stand on site selling fresh coffees, hot chocolates, tea, and cold drinks along with chocolate bars and crisps. Please bring a few pound coins along or we can take card too. Hot drinks will be £2 for a nice full china mug or coffee cup, cold drinks and snacks will be £1 each.


    We have 2 portable toilets on site now which are regularly maintained, with hand washers.


    Despite being next door to one of the largest sub stations in the region we have no power on site. So please bring your own power source such as a leisure battery, power pack or generator. You MUST NOT charge directly off your car, as there is a very high risk of fire and injury, and it is not permitted at the club. IF you need help with power then we will do our best to assist you on a one-of basis and we are a friendly bunch but please contact us first so we can try and find some power for you to charge from. Please always use a Li-Po charging bag or box if using this type of battery.

    Questions? Please contact us via our contact page or for the quickest response contact us via our public Facebook page...


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