Club AGM 2021

ADUR agm

It is that time of year when we need to vote our committee for the next 12 months, which is confirmed at the club AGM in November.

A club’s success is largely down to the work of its committee, the group of people who manage the club's affairs. The committee exists to serve the club and its members.


The AGM agenda can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here...


The following members have put themselves forward for consideration at the AGM in a role on our committee. Please come to the AGM so you can lend your support. Online nominations have closed. On the night of the AGM you may still put yourself forward by notifying the club secretary or chairman at the earliest opportunity before proceedings commence:

CHAIRPERSON (Currently Mick Hendy)

Nominee 1 - Mick Hendy

"As the existing chairman, I am wanting to carry on with the role of chairman and push forwards to make Adur RC Club the most popular and fun club in the south with facilities to match."

CLUB SECRETARY (Currently Ian Billett)

Nominee 1 - Ian Billett

"Currently the club secretary"

Nominee 2 - Scott Hargrave

"I am putting myself forward for the role of club secretary, as I believe I have a range of skills and experience that I can offer to support the club if I was successfully voted into this position on the committee. I have served on committees and working groups in the past from high street brand retail to one of the largest charities in the UK, and have worked in organisations both large and small, in roles across all functions from marketing through to logistics and management. But I also race radio control cars, and I love it.

In Adur Model Car Club I see the potential to have one of the best model car clubs in the UK, welcoming members and visitors across three sections, which very few other clubs can offer. I want to support the committee to achieve this whilst ensuring members from all sections and classes are heard, and words are turned into actions, for the benefit of members, the club's future, and any potential new participants in model car racing.



CLUB TREASURER (Currently Steve Green)

Nominee 1 - Steve Green
"Current treasurer"

Nominee 2 - David Standing
"I would like to put myself forward for treasure for Adur RC club. I have 6 years finance experience, along with 7 years as a senior buyer dealing with suppliers like Ginsters, Warburton’s, British American Tobacco, Muller to name but a few - with budgeting, marketing, negotiation, and project planning experience and now run and own an electrical business that’s going from strength to strength (DTS Electrical Ltd).

I want to help Adur RC to continue to grow and become a club that everyone feels welcome, comfortable and an environment that allows our current and future members to enjoy this great sport for many years to come. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in the club moving forward in the last year and my business sponsoring the successful flood light races. "

WEBSITE AND MARKETING (Currently Gavin Kettlety)

Nominee 1 - Mike Griggs
"I would like to put myself forward as a nominee for the Website and Marketing Representative for the club. The reasons that I feel would be well suited for this role is that I have over 25 years in creating marketing animation, CGI and video content for international clients such as • BBC • The Natural History Museum • The National Trust • AMD • BP • Volvo • The Science Museum • JC Decaux • The Royal Museum of Scotland • The National Maritime Museum • UAE Expo 2010 • AFC Awards • ARM • Intel • Qualcomm * 3D World Magazine

I want to add ADUR RC Club to the list :) Recent examples of my work can be seen at I have also spent my time over the past year as a member of club, working with the committee on marketing assets.

I have designed the new logo, provided artwork assets as requested and have been a regular contributor to the Facebook page. If chosen, I would like to build on the preliminary marketing work created with ADUR, with more video content, improved track day video and photography, and more website content designed for new and existing members."

ROAD CIRCUIT TRACK REP (Currently: Carl Osborne)
Current Circuit Representative: Carl Osborne

Nominee 1 - Carl Osborne
"Wish to continue on the committee as circuit rep"

Nominee 2 - Liam Hendy
"I have been a member of Adur model car club for the last 20 years, I have seen this club grow to where it is today. The reason I want to be involved on the committee as Club Circuit Rep is because in recent years I've seen the club hit a dead end, the circuit has in eyes lost its character in recent years and I want to bring that back.

I've raced at many clubs in the UK and raced Abroad in Europe at some of the best tracks in the world, I've seen first-hand what many of the best tracks in the world are doing in terms of on the track and off the track."

OVAL REPRESENTATIVE(Currently Ricky Slater)
Current Oval Representative: Ricky Slater

Nominee 1 - Ricky Slater
"Because I'm the daddy 😎"

OFF-ROAD REPRESENTATIVES (Currently: John Chambers, Matt Mussett, Chris Knights)

1/8th Off-Road Track Representative

Nominee 1 - Matt Mussett
"I am useless with tools, but have some pretty decent ideas, and know what makes a good track, and when with JC and Knights, we make a pretty alright team! Better the devil you know!"

1/10th Off-Road Track Representative

Nominee 1 - Franck Tribo
"For a more friendly 1/10th off-road track and better site facilities."

Track Maintenance and Support Representative

Nominee 1 - JOINT from Chris Knights and John Chambers
"We are the Adur off road Wombles - we make good features out of the rubbish others thrown away and make Matt's visions come to life! We come as a three, and we are happy to do another stint, making the off road as good as it can be for you lot."



Date: Sunday 28th November 2021
Time: From 6:30pm
Location: Empire Social Club, 20 Penhill Rd, Lancing BN15 8HJ
Agenda: Download PDF

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