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All proposals must be submitted by 8pm on 14th November

As a member of the club, you are encouraged to put forward proposals to improve our club. These proposals need to be seconded, and then will be submitted to the club secretary, who will announce them at our AGM at which point the proposer will be allowed to read out their proposal or it will be read out on their behalf by the club secretary. The seconder will also be asked to confirm they are seconding the proposal.

PLEASE ensure the person who has agreed to second you is aware before you add them below!

Previously proposals would be put to the track reps to then pass onto the club secretary. This year, we are doing this online, so that as a member you can spend as much time as you wish making your proposal. This will then be forwarded to the club secretary for consideration at the AGM and a copy to the track rep for the section(s) concerned so they can provide any feedback as required prior to the AGM before voting. For example, if something is simply impossible due to lease constraints or legal issues, this will be raised, so you can edit your proposal or withdraw it.

Proposals can be submitted up to 2 weeks before the AGM, so 14th November at 8pm. The list of proposals will then be posted on our facebook page and a link to them included in our weekly email to members.

REMEMBER - If people do not turn up and vote at our AGM on the 28th November in Lancing, then your proposal may not be passed, and if you are seeing a proposal you like or are against, please come to the AGM and vote for or against it! 

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