F1 Class Club Touring Rules

F1 RC Club Rules

F1 Class Club Touring Rules

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The club rules for the 21.5t Formula 1 class are as per the current BRCA 10th Electric Circuit Section Rules available at https://www.brca.org/10ec-documents

Chapter 15 Technical Rules – 2WD Formula 1 will apply in particular with the following deviations;
Body Shells     
Any 10th scale Formula 1 body may be used (BRCA Approved F1 Body List included)

Bodies must faithfully represent an original FIA Formula 1 car from any era
Any commercially available pre-built Rubber wheels/tyres may be used (slick/grooved)

Tyre warmers and tyre additive may be used except additive in wet conditions

Note: Always ask the club before purchasing or installing an item if you are in any doubt

These rules supersede any previous versions issued by the club for this class - Date of issue: January 2022


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