Frequently Asked Questions - Oval Circuit

How do I enter an event?

You can book an event online 24/7, and pay by card, paypal, applepay and more. Our Oval track is a members only track, however if you want to give stock car racing a try please get in touch and you will be more than welcome to come along and let us show you how it all works.

How much does it cost to enter an event?

Members of the club pay £6 for an adult, and £4 for a junior.

What tyres do you recommend?
The tyres used are dedicated 8th stockcar tyres which are mainly by the brand Contact although you can also use tyres from UFRA. Because we only go round in an anti clockwise direction we implement what we call "stagger". We make the tyres on the left of the car smaller than the tyres on the right which helps the car to carry speed through the corners. The more stagger you use generally means you can corner faster but if you go too far when the track is slick you will have no grip on the rear.

We also use different shores of tyre which means harder or softer compound with a 50 shore tyre being the hardest and what is known as an SE tyre being the softest. In between we have 45, 42, 40, 37, 35, and 30. We also have JSW tyres which are a very soft sponge like compound for damp conditions and rubber caps for wet weather racing.

What happens if it rains?

8th stockcars are fully water proofed nowadays which means we never have to cancel a meeting due to weather.

What championship classes do you run?
We use a grading system throughout the year for our club events where drivers score points depending on thier finishing order of the day. three times a year the drivers scores are added up and the drivers will be graded either White, Yellow, Blue, Red or Superstar. This is then reflected by painting your aero foil in the colour in which you were graded. At the meetings your grading colour is used to determine where on track you will start with the white tops (novices) starting at the front of the grid, yellows a bit further back, blues behind them and red and superstars starting on the opposite straight to the whites.


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