Getting Back On Track - BRCA Covid Guidelines July 19th 2021

Covid Policies for Adur Model Car Club BRCA


Updated July 19th 2021

Our governing body the BRCA have carefully put together a series of guidelines to help radio control car circuits re-open as we progress through the Covid pandemic.

We have taken those guidelines and will follow them, and the following key points should be adhered to by all members and non-members visiting one of our circuits.

The full guidelines from the BRCA called "Getting Back On Track" are available to download - link.

In Advance

Booking In
We must take all bookings for events online. This allows us to log who is attending, and take payment with minimum handling of cash. Please ensure you book in online by Friday 8pm prior to the event, to make life a little easier for those inputting all the data into the rc-results system to create your heats.

On the Day - Updated July 19th 2021

If you, or a family member, displays any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the meeting.

The results and the running of the meeting will be live online via, the link is right here.

You will be able to see what race is on the track, plus heat listings and your results.

Latest Guidelines

Following the easing of national COVID restrictions on Monday, the BRCA have passed some rule making back to the clubs, so below is confirmation of AMCC's rules going forwards. These rules will apply to all sections and tracks:
  1. The wearing of face masks is now optional in all parts of the venue(s), including on the rostrum. We ask that everyone respects the choices made by other drivers what ever they chose to do.

  2. The wearing of gloves whilst marshalling is also now optional, and the same applies.

  3. It is still mandatory for you to bring, and wear, your own hi-viz whilst marshalling.

  4. Booking in will remain as pre booking online (see notes below)

  5. Race control still remains out of bounds

  6. There is no longer a legal requirement to social distance, however the club would still recommend you are sensible in terms of the numbers of people you are in close proximity with for prolonged periods.

  7. Heat and final listings will still remain on to avoid people gathering around the print outs.

  8. If you feel unwell, or have been advised to isolate, please do not attend any meeting or practice session.

  9. Please keep bringing your own hand sanitiser, and using this after being in contact with high traffic areas such as rostrum hand rails, toilet etc.

  10. Spectators are now allowed and are welcomed, and drivers are asked to be polite and helpful to any potential newcomer.



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