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About our dedicated stock car oval circuit

Adur Oval Raceway is a permanent outdoor tarmac oval track where we race 1/8th scale nitro stock cars throughout the year.

Stockcar racing is every bit as exciting as the real life version, but you are in control - depending on your skill level!


What cars do we drive on our oval?

The stock cars cars are built from a steel chassis and powered by a 3.5cc nitro engine. The power is delivered to a solid back axle by way of a centrifugal clutch and a rubber belt, for a simple and efficient design that can take the rigours of stock car racing.

The suspension in essence is very basic with steering blocks on the front which use a brass bush to slide on a steel pin with a hard spring for the right front and a soft spring for the left. The rear suspension utilizes music wire springs and plastic arms which slide up and down the chassis rails. Suspension damping can be altered by using different thickness greases on the front pins and rear arms.


How does racing work?

We use a grading system throughout the year for our club events where drivers score points depending on thier finishing order of the day. three times a year the drivers scores are added up and the drivers will be graded either White, Yellow, Blue, Red or Superstar. This is then reflected by painting your aero foil in the colour in which you were graded. At the meetings your grading colour is used to determine where on track you will start with the white tops (novices) starting at the front of the grid, yellows a bit further back, blues behind them and red and superstars starting on the opposite straight to the whites.



The cars carry a personal transponder, either an AMB Mylaps or MRT transponder (PT). This is picked up when you pass the timing loop buried below the track and a lap is counted every time you pass it.

The meeting formats are 4 heats, best 3 to count, top 4 drivers straight though the the A final with the next 6 going into a semi final with the top 2 drivers making it through the A final. We use a traffic light system to start and end the races along side an audible message and race control on the microphone.


Where can I race stock cars?

There are currently 5 UK oval tracks running and 3 in the Netherlands. We race at club level, regional level, national level and we also hold majors such as the English, British, European and World final once a year finishing up with the Champion of champions race in October.

So please do get in touch if you want to find out more about racing stock cars at our oval track as new members are always welcome to this exciting area of radio control model sports!


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