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Road Circuit - Racing Information

We race on a dedicated road circuit built for 1/12, 1/10 and 1/8th scale cars.

Here is a handy map of our road circuit (Opens as a PDF)

The following classes are currently raced at the club on a regular basis, with varying numbers. Depending on numbers on any particular day, classes may be merged but only if speeds are similar (13.5 Blinky with 13.5 Boosted or 13.5 Boosted with Modified etc).

10th Touring Car (Electric)

radio control touring car racing at Adur Model Car Club Shoreham
Image from member Scott Hargrave


Overview:  These are the most popular class and run to BRCA rules.  There are classes for 13.5 Boosted ,these have speed controllers that allow motor to produce far more power than normal but adjusting the motor advance in real time. There are 2 classes for Touring cars using non boosted speed controllers which must Blink in accordance with BRCA regulations. The faster class is for 13.5 Blinky and a slightly lower powered class for 17.5 blinky. The 17.5 class is the most popular and competitive.

Rules: Touring cars are powered by Hardcased 2s lipos only and motors must be the appropriate 17.5 or 13.5 type. 

Tyres: Slick tyres of choice are BRCA touring car control tyres along with those from Ride & Sweep. For damp conditions many drivers op for the BRCA control wet (treaded tyre) 

Format: Usual format is 4 x 5 minute qualifiers and 2 x 5 minute finals. 

Tamiya Touring Cars

Image courtesy of rc-empire

Overview:  This is our introductory class where fun and enjoyment is the goal. 
4WD cars must be a Tamiya “Plastic Tub” chassis design or similar which must be shaft driven, belt drive cars and carbon chassis cars are not permitted. Most popular is the Tamiya TT01 but all other Tamiya shaft drive cars are permitted such a TT02 , TB series along with the TA series.

The class allows for 2wd cars such as the ever popular Tamiya (Mini) M03 and M05 series of front wheel drive cars which with their lower weight can readily compete with the heavier 4wd cars.

Rules: We have a dedicated page for Tamiya Stock, Tamiya GT-E and Tamiya Junior-E, please visit our Tamiya Class Rules and Regulations Page  (opens in a new window) 

Tyres: 4WD tyres are similar to the touring car classes indeed most drivers run the discarded and used tyres from touring car drivers. Mini 2wd most use the Tamiya 60D size tyres or equivalent

Format: Usual format is 4 x 5 minute qualifiers and 2 x 5 minute finals.



8th Circuit (Electric and Nitro) incorporating GT 220 and 10th IC

1/8 Scale Road Touring Cars IC Nitro Powered
Photo courtesy of Infinity Racing


Overview: Probably the fastest and quickest cars raced at the circuit, known as the F1 of RC Racing. 0-60 in less than a seconds with top speeds in excess of 70 mph these cars are not for the faint hearted.  Powered by 3.5cc Nitro engines or 4s li-po batteries these cars run to specific BRCA rules. GT220 cars are smaller and powered by 2.5cc engine again running to the BRCA rules. Lap times under 15 seconds are not uncommon in this class.

Rules: Electric cars must be powered by 4s lipos and packs must be hardcased only, as per BRCA rules. IC engines are 2.5cc for GT 220 & 10th IC and 3.5 cc only for 8th IC all running 16% nitromethane fuel. 

Tyres: Tyres for 8th cars are foam and normally 32 Front and 35 rear, Ennetti, Matrix and Contact are the tyres of choice. GT220 and 10th IC run similar but smaller foam tyres but normally slightly harder compounds.

Format: Usual qualifying format is 4 x 5 minute qualifiers and 2 x 5 minute finals.



New to the sport and need advice?

Are you totally new to RC Racing or are introducing a child to the Sport?

Don’t think you are ready to race?

Not to worry, we know it can be a daunting prospect! If this is you, and you would like to come down to the track on race days and get a feel for driving on the track at your own pace, then drop us a line via our Facebook Page, make yourself known, and we can then arrange for you to have access to the track between rounds, at lunch time and at the end of the days racing!

We can also offer advice on equipment, set up, maintenance and technique if required.

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