Rookie Open Class Racing at Adur

Rookie Open Class


For summer 2022 we are opening a new Rookie Open Class here at Adur. This new initiiative is designed to allow anyone with a 1/10th scale (or equivilent) car that meets basic safety standards to be used in 4 rounds of heats on our off-road track. Although there will be no final "race" drivers will get a chance to see how an rc car race works, what you need to do before during and after your time on the track, and to see if RC racing is for you before spending more money.

TRANSPONDERS: Like all model car clubs we use transponders which are detected each time you start, finish and cross the line to give us lap times and help create quaifying heats for the final race grid. If you have a transponder which is compatible with our system we will record laps for you. If you don't do not worry you can still take part, you just wont get any lap time data. We do sell transponders when you wish to invest in one, with discounts for members too.

We are on the RC2 timing loop system with RC-Results. This is compatible with newer MRT and MyLaps RC4 Hybrid 2-wire (“Harry”), but will not work with most 3 wire transponders. If you need advice before racing please get in touch.

The Rookie Open Class

We want to make this an accesible class for as many as possible, whether you are a junior or an adult, looking for to see what going round a marked out off road track with features such as ski jumps, doubles and table tops is about and how much fun it is


  • Any 1/10th scale 2WD or 4WD buggy or truck is permitted - with the race directors discretion to refuse access, just to ensure that every car on the track is safe for you and those marshalling around the track too
  • This class runs 4 heats with no finals. Heats are NOT races, and model car racing is a non-contact sport between cars, so please respect both faster and slower drivers, and follow the guidelines we give you in the drivers briefing so you get to have as much fun and track time as possible
  • Battery can be a Ni-Mh, or a LiPo battery as long as its in a hard case
  • Batteries must be safely charged using a charger powered from a power source such as a generator, leisure battery - or the sun! Charging directly from your car with the bonnet up is NOT permitted
  • As with any of our classes,anyone who takes part in the Rookie Open MUST marshall after their heat, or nominate a person to marshall for them. You must be a BRCA member to drive and marshal as this offers liability insurance, your first 3 times at the club are covered by the club and BRCA for free
  • 6-Cell NiMH or 2 Cell Lipo hard cased batteries
  • Electric only, no nitro models
  • Rookie Open entrants must attend an additional drivers brieifing where we will give you advice on how the day works, and tips on driving around our track

As a new category we will review our rules to ensure they are suited to get the best from your time at the track and to make racing fair and competitive. 


New to the sport and need advice?

Are you totally new to RC Racing or are introducing a child to the Sport?

Don’t think you are ready to race?

Not to worry, we know it can be a daunting prospect! If this is you, and you would like to come down to the track on race days or maybe enter our rookie open adult and junior clasee and get a feel for driving on the track at your own pace, then drop us a line via our Facebook Page, make yourself known, and we can then arrange for you to have access to the track between rounds, at lunch time and at the end of the days racing!

We can also offer advice on equipment, set up, maintenance and technique if required.

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