Tamiya Class - Rules and Regulations for National and Local Events

Tamiya Racing Rules


We wish to be a welcoming club and due to supply chain issues we are updating our rules to accomodate as many people as possible. If in doubt, please just come along and race. We are not going to turn anyone away within reason and can advise on best settings and upgrades too.

Thank you
Liam Hendy
Adur Model Car Club Circuit Track Rep

The Tamiya racing classes offer an ideal entry point to the world of RC racing, for both adults and children alike. It is more affordable, with the cars offering good levels of performance for you to learn how to race and RC car, and will grow with you.

To keep the Tamiya racing classes accessible and affordable, there are a set of rules and regulations for the Tamiya class at any BRCA sactioned event. At a club level, Adur also has local rules like all clubs, to suit our track and membership.



National Rules

The national rules for Tamiya class events can be found here:


Adur Circuit Local Rules

Our road circuit rep and Tamiya-E racing series rep Carl looks after the local rules for our Tamiya classes which are as follows. If you have any questions before you buy your car, or are thinking of an upgrade or change and are unsure, please contact us and Carl will come back to you with an answer and advice, or ask on our Facebook page and he can respond on the page.

Here is what Carl says regards local Tamiya rules at our circuit:

The Tamiya Junior E local rules are as the same as the King of Clubs Tamiya Junior-E rules (that can be accessed above.)

Otherwise the Adur circuit local Tamiya class rules are as follows:

Chassis types allowed: 

TT-01, TT-01D, TT-01R, TT01E, TT-01ED, TT-01ER, TT-02, TT-02D, TT-02R, TT-02RR

If you are unsure if your Tamiya car is allowed within these rulesplease contact the AMCC Committee via our contact page or Facebook and we will be happy to assist you.

Motors & Speed Controllers allowed:

Electric Motors:
Core RC 27/21/15 turn motor
HPI Saturn 20 turn motor
HPI Firebolt 15 turn motor
Tamiya Sport Tuned motor

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC):
Hobbywing 1060 ESC
Any Tamiya ESC

Gearing & Upgrades Permitted

Gearing is fixed:
TT-01 is 27t Pinion and 55t Spur Gear
TT-02 is 27t Pinion and 64t Spur Gear

However actual upgrades are open but limited to Tamiya parts only.

UPDATE 21st October 2021

As a club and racers we are all aware of the acute shortages of parts and rising costs of sourcing from not only the UK but further afield. As of today, we are permitting the use of the following upgrade instead of the genuine Tamiya Article:


Please note you will need two packs to complete one TT-02 car. These will run with the existing plastic cups in the kit. Tamiya do a metal cup set for longer life.


Tamiya TT Upgrade Hop Up Parts
If unsure about any upgrades please contact us first before paying out, so we can confirm for you if they are acceptable.

Tyres & Bodyshells

Tyres are open to choice, new or used are allowed for maximum versatiity and to save money.

Tyres warmers and tyre additives used on RC touring cars are NOT allowed

Bodyshells are Tamiya part number only please - there are plenty to choose from!


Only 7.2v NiHm Battery and 7.4v 2S LiPo Batteries are permitted, and must be correctly charged using a li-po storage bag.


 As stated above many times, if you have any questions - and there is no such thing as a stupid question - please get in touch for friendly impartial advice.


Tamiya Junior-E Racing Car Example

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