Tamiya Open Class Club Racing Rules

Adur Model Car Club Tamiya Rules

Tamiya Open Class Club Racing Rules

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These rules supersede any previous versions issued by the club for this class.

Date of issue: January 2022.
Edited May 16th 2022 changing ESC to 80A limit..

Any Tamiya plastic shaft-driven on-road chassis (No carbon-fibre chassis permitted)

Battery compartments on older chassis may be cut to accommodate a square-pack battery

Any compatible spur and pinion gears may be used (0.6 mod, 0.4 mod, 48 dp & 64 dp) (Tamiya speed gear sets may be required to change the gearing pitch on some chassis)

Gearbox covers may be altered or removed to accommodate alternative gearing
Differential units may be locked by spools or oil

Any 17.5T fixed-timing 540 brushless motor may be used

Any sealed-can brushed 540 motor up to 15T may also be used


Any brushless (blinky mode) or brushed ESC may be used up to 80 Amps

Any standard sized or low-profile 10th scale steering servo may be used

A compatible transponder will be required, please check with the club to confirm yours

7.2V 6 cell NiMH or 7.4V 2S LiPo including shorty may be used and must be hard-cased
(7.6V 2S LiHV batteries may also be used but must not be charged to over 8.4V)

LiPo and LiHV Must be charged and discharged in a suitable protective charging bag/box

LiPo and LiHV batteries Must be within the current BRCA Approved Battery List

Any 10th scale rubber tyres of 24mm or 26mm width may be used (No foams permitted)

Pre-glued dish wheels/tyres or self-glued scale wheels/tyres may be used
No tyre warmers or tyre additive are permitted for this class

Any 10th scale body that fairly represents a real on-road car or truck is permitted (All bodies must be made of polycarbonate and must be painted accordingly)

Tamiya or other makes are allowed with a maximum body width permitted of 190mm(No TC jelly-mould bodies are permitted except the Tamiya Raikiri GT)

Any 10th scale replacement rear wing may be used apart from metal versions for safety (Rear wings may not be added to bodies that were not originally supplied with one) Please check with the club regarding body or wing permissions if in any doubt

Any Tamiya or compatible hop-ups may be used within this class
(All hop-ups must be commercially available and may not be modified in any way)

Note: Always ask the club before purchasing or installing an item if you are in any doubt

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