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With a new website, there may be some questions about how it all works so here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that our website builder Scott will try to answer for you.

Got another question? Scroll down to the bottom and send Scott a message and he will respond:

Q: Why do I have to enter my transponder every time?
A: This is the most important bit of information in order for you to have your laps registered. There are sometimes mix ups with transponder numbers, or car swapping, so we ask this each time to minimise the risk. We know that not everyone can remember their number, so why not simply save it on your phone as a phone number or note, or write it inside your body shell? We know its a pain to enter every time, but if you give us the correct transponder number each time it minimises the risk of a heat being written off due to an incorrect number, and saves the race co-ordinator valuble time.

Q: I am a member, how do I book in for an event?
A: We have made this website more like a standard online shop, as most of us are in these (especially RC shop ones) far too much!

Every member has been sent an email with an activation link to allow you to set a password. Once logged in you will get reduced member pricing on all events and merchandise where applicable. If you have not received your email, please contact us via our Facebook page or contact page and we will sort you out.

Now you have logged in you add an event to the basket. When you do you will be asked to enter the name of the driver (Yourself, one of your children, your spouse, dentist, hairdresser) and a Personal Transponder (PT) number. These are required fields so if you dont know your PT number or dont have one yet, enter TBC. If you dont get your number to race control when you arrive at the event, you might not get a lap time or place in your heat, so always try to do this information when booking, to save hassle for everyone later.

If you don't want to book on the website, we can take entries at the circuit and have a PayPal QR code you can scan and pay with, as we are trying to reduce cash payments during Covid, but please contact us first to confirm, as having everything online makes the race controller's life much easier and might even allow them to participate rather than running around chasing down people to pay and give them PT numbers!

Q: I want to enter more than one person what do I do?
A: Simply add the event to the basket with the name of the first driver and the PT number, and then select that event again and complete the new driver name and PT details. Both (or more if you add them) will appear in the basket with the names of each driver and their PT number

Q: I am not a member, how do I enter a race?
A: Its very easy, simply select the event you want and add it to the basket, adding your name and PT number before you do. You can set up an account for future use if you want, and if you become a member we can also upgrade your account to give you members pricing.

Q: What happens if an event is cancelled?
A: If an event is cancelled, rather than rolling entries forward, they will be refunded within 48 hours of the event date.


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