MRT mPTX Personal Transponder (PT) For RC Cars

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This is the recommended Personal Transponder (PT) for use at our tracks.

Each transponder is provided with a unique ID code.

Delivery will be to either our road/oval circuit or off road track for you to pick up. If you do not receive an email asking us where you want to pick up please contact us to let us know.

Red and Black coloured wires to identify positive and negative, and fitted with a JR servo plug, to plug into your receiver for power.

This is the standard hard case model, offering good levels of protection. The 3 screw tabs can be removed if you are direct mounting your PT with servo tape.

When turned on, the blue light will blink and then go solid to show it is active. When using a new transponder for the first time, please make sure race control are aware of your transponder number, and ask for the PT to be checked before racing starts.

We recommend mounting fowards and low, and away from metal surfaces.

Members Price: SAVE 10% on one or 15% on two or more. Please use the discount code MRT10 for one, MRT15 for two or more. Any orders from non-members will be cancelled!

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