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The following classes are currently raced at our circuit track;

17.5 Blinky TC: The most popular stock 10th scale 4WD electric class, see 17.5 Blinky Rules

17.5 Fixed TC: The new intermediate 10th scale 4WD electric class, see 17.5 Fixed Rules

17.5 Frontie TC: A cool 10th scale electric FWD class for all levels of racer, see 17.5 Frontie Rules

21.5 Formula 1: A growing 10th scale RWD electric class for F1 enthusiasts, see Formula 1 Rules

21.5 Junior TC: A starter 10th scale 4WD electric class for young beginners, see Junior TC Rules

Adur Club GT: A basic 10th scale electric 4WD class with real looking cars, see Club GT Rules

Club GT Junior: An entry 10th scale electric 4WD class for new juniors, see GT Junior Rules

13.5 Blinky TC: The popular experienced level 10th scale 4WD electric class, see 13.5 Blinky Rules

Modified TC: The premier level and fastest 10th scale 4WD electric class, see Modified Rules

VTA Floodlit: A fun 10th scale electric class with American muscle cars , see VTA Floodlit Rules

8th On Road: 8th scale nitro/electric class for high-speed aero based racing, see 8th Circuit Rules

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Hosting Practise: We normally run heats of any national/regional classes at our club rounds prior to any upcoming national/regional events we are hosting (race heats may be mixed)

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In Addition to our established racing classes, we are always open to including other classes too (subject to sufficient numbers)


For the latest updates and information on our circuit races, please see our AMCC Facebook page