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Oval: Events Hosting 2024

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These are the rounds of Regional, National & World Racing Championships being hosted at AMCC this year 🥇🥈🥉


Southern Championship ☀️🏆

Round 2 of 4: Sunday 31st March 2024 (Booking via AMCC) ✔️

Round 3 of 4: Sunday 4th August 2024 (Booking via AMCC)


King of the South 👑🏆

Round 1 of 1: Sunday 14th April 2024 (Booking via AMCC) ✔️

Practise/Testing: Saturday 13th April 2024 (Included)


National Championship 🇬🇧🏆

Round 1 of 4: Sunday 5th May 2024 (Booking via AMCC) ✔️

Practise/Testing: Saturday 4th May 2024 (Included)


World Championship 🌍🏆

Round 1 of 1: Sunday 1st September 2024 (Booking via Local Clubs)

Practise/Testing: Friday 30th & Saturday 31st August 2024 (Included)


Full details available at 8th Oval Stock Cars 


Please see the Events Menu for entry booking and start/finish times once they become available

Also check our AMCC Facebook page for notice of any postponements or cancellations